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Partnering with Parents to build a foundation for their children's future

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Child developing

Toddler Care

Developing your child

In order to prepare your child for future school and social situations, Oak Street Child Development Center works with your child on a social and cognitive level as well as on improving their motor skills.

Separating age groups

There are separate rooms for each age group, but it's not based on when your child was born. Instead, it's focused around their developmental skills and milestones.

Caring all the way

Your toddler is growing and learning quickly. In their overall development, each day brings something new to help them. We ensure to provide your child with the care and opportunities to grow and learn every single day.

Paying attention to your child right from the beginning



Group time

Small groups - motor, social skills

Large groups - shapes, colors, songs, books


Getting your child aged between 1 and 3 years old ready for school is a high priority.

We work on things like gestures and potty training with your child.

Daily art projects are just some of the activities we do with your child.

We know how toddlers can be. Every child is different, and they require different levels of focus and attention. Oak Street Child Development Center offers meals and snacks that are provided through the USDA Food Program. Contact us today for more. 303-274-0519

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