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Partnering with Parents to build a foundation for their children's future

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Preschool and Pre-K

Your child's needs

Creating a curriculum that focuses on your child is our key. We want to work on their social and cognitive development as well as on their fine motor skills.

The next step

Elementary school is coming up, and preparing your child for that is essential. We do that through play, art, books, songs, writing, letter sounds, field trips, and more.

Keeping your child in mind

Preschool prepares your child for the educational and social expectations of elementary school. At this pivotal period in their lives, our curriculum follows essential benchmarks to ensure that your little one is ready.

A skilled and professional team to monitor the progress of your child

Large groups

Small groups

Big plan

We plan, do, and review following a high-scope philosophy.

Low ratios

Preschool: Ages 3 and up

Pre-K: Ages 3 - 5

Here, we work on calendars, songs, numbers, books, and the alphabet.

Here, we work on meeting various development milestones.

Your children are about to enter elementary school, and readying them for that is our focus. Oak Street Child Development Center offers meals and snacks that are provided through the USDA Food Program. Contact us today for more. 303-274-0519

Low ratio Large groups Small groups Big plan A man teaching two girls Art class Art class